NCoverExplorer FAQ

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1. What is NCoverExplorer?
2. What versions of the .NET Framework does it work with?
3. What versions of NCover does it work with?
4. Can I integrate it with my Visual Studio.Net version XXX IDE?
5. Can I integrate it without TestDriven.Net?
6. How does it compare to Visual Studio Team System?
7. Why didn't you integrate NCoverExplorer directly into the IDE like VSTS or SharpDevelop?
8. What do the tree node colours mean?
9. What do the source code highlighting colours mean?
10. What is that "Satisfaction Threshold" all about?
11. I have a killer idea for XYZ feature - can you add it for me?
12. Where can I download the latest version?
13. What are the keyboard shortcuts?
14. Where are my personal settings stored?
15. Where can I download the custom NAnt/MSBuild tasks from?

FAQ last updated Jul 21st 2007.