Wed Sep 19th, 2007

NCoverExplorer Downloads

NCoverExplorer 2.0 with NCover 2.0 (Trial/Commercial Versions).
The single installer contains both products along with all the latest "extras" like NAnt/MSBuild tasks, CC.Net stylesheets, examples and help.

NCover 2.x Downloads

NCoverExplorer 1.4 gui and console executables. (Sep 13th 2007)
NCoverExplorerRelease Notes

NCoverExplorer.Extras contains various goodies for integrating NCoverExplorer 1.x, NCover, NUnit and NDoc with your build process. There are NAnt and MSBuild tasks, stylesheets, sample scripts and help documentation contained within the zip. (Sep 2nd 2007)
NAnt/MSBuild Task Release Notes
NAnt Task Help
MSBuild Task Help

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