Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NCoverExplorer... Downloads

For anyone who (for some insane reason) does not want the combined installation with TestDriven.Net - I can now offer an alternative. Note that this is exactly the same NCoverExplorer version as deployed with TestDriven.Net.

Download the latest NCoverExplorer versions from here.

I have also put together an FAQ which is bundled in the zip file...

Last but by no means least I see that both Scott Hanselman and Peter Waldschmidt had some nice things to say about NCoverExplorer - cheers guys, makes that 3am effort on Saturday night trying unsuccesfully to get through Jamie's firewall to his SVN server seem more worthwhile now... ;-)

NCoverExplorer... First Availability

Jamie Cansdale has just announced the availability of his latest build of TestDriven.Net in this posting. As part of the installation it includes NCoverExplorer - you can get the download from here. For those of you lucky enough to have .Net 2.0 installed and using the latest NCover 1.5.x you can start using the "Test with... Coverage" functionality right away - that's a pretty awesome combination...

Sadly at my "day job" they aren't willing to deploy .Net 2.0 to the desktop as yet. That limits us to NCover 1.33 which isn't currently* supported by this TestDriven.Net feature. So we still use NCoverExplorer in "standalone" mode... certainly workable thanks to NAnt/NAntRunner but clearly not as slick!

[Update] I have just played with a new build Jamie is working on which does work with NCover 1.33 - champion mate! No doubt he will announce when it's ready for prime time...

As you will see mentioned in Jamie's posting I'm working on making the source etc available as part of the NCover project, thanks to Peter for the offer! I've also had a kind offer for a download mirror site - will announce here when everything falls into place...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

NCoverExplorer... The Debut

A little something I knocked together one weekend around a month ago, inspired by the NCoverBrowser tool by Jeff Key. The source code for Jeff's tool was unavailable mainly due to it's usage of a commercial control, so I rewrote it from scratch using the ICSharpCode TextEditor control instead.

What does it do? Once you have used NCover to produce an xml result of your coverage, you can open it in this tool to browse the source code with the coverage information highlighted. I tend to do this as part of a NAnt/NUnit task combination that automatically opens the results for me on a second screen. I find it much more useful having the coverage output side-by-side with the IDE while I add/modify the tests to increase coverage.

Why bother? I wanted to make some tweaks, such as:
  • Performance (2 secs versus 4 mins for a 12MB file!);
  • Remembering form state (size and position);
  • Recent file menu;
  • Improved highlighting for partial test coverage runs;
  • Optional nesting of the get_ and set_ properties;
  • Optional hiding of the visit count pane;
  • Support any future NCover schema changes;
  • Create an open source project;
I happened to mention it to Jamie Cansdale, author of the essential TestDriven.Net tool and it is now being integrated into his tool as part of the "Test with... Coverage" functionality he has added recently. In addition Jamie has added a few tweaks of his own such as the VSTS block highlighting style you can see in the screenshot above.

Where do I get it? Good question - our next step is to figure out the hosting and distribution. A few ideas have been thrown in the pot and hopefully we can announce that shortly.

[Update] Download the latest NCoverExplorer versions from here..

Any suggestions for other features you would like to see are welcomed...