Saturday, March 18, 2006

Want To Contribute To NCoverExplorer?

If you are feeling a little "flush" this month or finding that some feature I've added rocks your world then please feel free to make a donation.

This is entirely optional. I still have a long list of features I want to add as time permits, although this project has "burnt" hundreds of hours of my evenings and weekends already. Any money contributed will go towards the cost of the website and stocks of "No-Doze" and "Clear Eyes" so I don't get fired from my actual employment!

To donate, just click on the PayPal icon below and decide an amount. Many thanks in advance for your generosity and appreciation.

For payments from a PayPal verified bank account or PayPal balance, please click this icon.
For payments from a credit card, please click this icon (PayPal take their 3.4% cut on this option!).