Saturday, July 22, 2006

NCoverExplorer... Module Thresholds

I received an e-mail from a user trying out the new "per module coverage thresholds" functionality which highlighted some things not clear from my examples in the original post. The example I gave for MSBuild (the same comments apply to NAnt or using a .config file) was this:

<NCoverExplorer ...
     ModuleThresholds="MyAssembly1.dll=30;MyAssembly2.dll=80" />

The three things to note are that:
  • Currently the module name match is case sensitive. I have fixed this in the source code for a future NCoverExplorer release. For now, make sure the names match exactly with those you see in the report.

  • There is no path information deliberately in these module names. The comparison done under the covers by NCoverExplorer is against the NCover names without the paths.

  • NCoverExplorer will fail a build (if using the fail minimum switch) if either the overall coverage or any of the individual module thresholds specified are not met.

My thanks to Max Palmer for the feedback. I have also added to the FAQ.

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