Monday, July 31, 2006

NCoverExplorer... Help Forums

My thanks to Peter Waldschmidt for adding some NCoverExplorer forums to his NCover website. I had a comment today on my blog from Craig Andera who rightly raised the point that it would be nice for users to have some visibility on issues people have raised, when they get fixed etc.

I use FogBugz for my internal bug tracking and feature requests (thanks to Jamie Cansdale!) which is great for what it does. However it does have a limitation in that it is not publicly visible - so you guys can't tell if you are the 1st or the 50th person to have an issue or make a suggestion. With no real other public channel for communication other than my blog I agree it was long overdue for me to to do something about it.

So - please feel free to make your NCoverExplorer suggestions, tell me what works or doesn't - or indeed by special exemption talk about the All Black supremacy in the Bledisloe Cup over Australia (again) is permissible... (Rugby World Cups are not however).

In return I shall try to also post in there about what's on the horizon and of course continue to try to help those in need with NCoverExplorer (or indeed NCover) where I can as hopefully others will too...

NCoverExplorer Forums


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