Thursday, April 27, 2006

Missing NUnit Fixture Errors In CC.Net

I've noticed a few times that when we have an error in our test fixture teardowns at work that the CruiseControl.Net build report page didn't say what the cause was.

It correctly identifies an error return code from nunit-console, however it is not listed as a "error" on the build report or on the NUnit Details page since it isn't actually a specific test that failed. Rather confusing at the time...

I've tweaked the unittests.xsl stylesheet for CruiseControl.Net to fix this problem, and now get the test-suite failure message listed on the front build report page. If you are interested you can download it from here. I've also submitted it to the CC.Net developers group so hopefully it may be included in a future release.

[Update 14-Oct-06 - A new version of this stylesheet for CruiseControl.Net 1.1 is available from here (rename it to unittests.xsl). There is no real difference I saw - the CC.Net developer refactored their stylesheet to clean it up so I just reapplied the changes over the top. It is also listed in JIRA]


At August 16, 2006 2:47 AM, Blogger shaggy said...


You've been helping me out on the NCover forums. Then, when I did a search to try to figure out a mysterious nunit build failure this blog entry showed up!

If the xsl works as described, I'll make sure to get it in to CC.Net for the next release.


At August 21, 2006 12:32 AM, Blogger kiwidude said...

Thanks mate, let me know how you get on. I don't remember seeing any reaction to my post at the time and I hadn't pursued it further - it "works for us" as they say. If you can get it into the official CC.Net 1.1 build that would be great - one less thing to manually replace when we setup a new CC.Net server. Of course I end up customising it anyway for all my NCoverExplorer templates too but that's another story...


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