Friday, March 03, 2006

NCoverExplorer... Partial Classes Grief

I've had a couple of reports of issues with NCoverExplorer when used with partial classes. Thanks to Matthias Paetzold with his excellent repro I've figured out the cause.

You should only be experiencing this particular issue if you split your class variable declarations (with initial value assignments inline) into a different partial class file from that containing a constructor.

NCover groups all those lines of code together for each constructor - in effect creating something I call "partial methods" (that's not exactly the first words I used when I saw this issue but you get the idea!)

I'm hoping to get a fix in my NCoverExplorer 1.3.2 release out early next week to coincide with another TestDriven.Net public beta from Jamie. There's plenty of new NCoverExplorer features including:
  • coverage exclusions - automatically remove test assemblies/classes when a coverage file is loaded;
  • themes - greater GUI customisation and ability to save your own appearance combinations;
  • alternate display options - such as #unvisited sequence points or function coverage;
  • tree sorting capability - by coverage, unvisited sequence points etc;
More on these next week...


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