Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TestDriven.Net Now Supports NCover 1.3.3

As I hinted at previously Jamie Cansdale has just announced public availability of a new build which supports NCover 1.3.3 - good news for those of us who are still ploughing the BCL 1.1 fields without 2.0 installed. Jamie is clearly setting dangerous precedents in customer service by way of his superb "apology" - suggestions welcomed for my:

  • list of ways I can make him think something is his fault;
  • list of new features he shall feel obliged to subsequently implement;
Actually I think it was quite an intelligent default rule on the part of his firewall to keep me away from his TestDriven.Net source repository while he sleeps, given my "immense" (cough) knowledge of SVN...

In other news, Scott Hanselman released his latest Hanselminutes podcast (about Continuous Integration tools) where he gives a big thumbs up to TestDriven.Net and was kind enough to mention yours truly in there as well in respect of the NCoverExplorer integration - cheers mate! I'm so chuffed I'd like to send the audio file to Mum & Dad too - but there's ever such a slight chance they might not understand it...


At February 02, 2006 9:20 AM, Anonymous simon geering said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all involved in making this possible, this is the best add-in I’ve seen for It is a strange situation when the developer community with people with limited time and resources are able to build a far superior product to that of the MS VS dev team. You are providing a grate service, thank you!

[Rant] Maybe this will be a catalyst to convince MS that TDD and code coverage analysis should be included in VS from the most basic edition on up, maybe they will realize how many of their customers use TDD is needed by important to all developers [/Rant]


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