Thursday, February 16, 2006

NCoverExplorer... Updated v1.3.1

Apologies to any of the "early adopters" of my latest build who downloaded yesterday and may have hit an issue. I have just pushed a fixed build online now along with TestDriven.Net build 2.0.1438.

The problem only arose when NCoverExplorer tried to highlight a multiline statement with a blank line in the middle. Not an everyday occurrence but certainly one user came across it (my thanks to Trevor Hall) - the code below would blow up fairly spectacularly with the previous v1.3.0 build:

To anyone wondering why this didn't occur with NCoverExplorer v1.3.0 or earlier - it's because I put in a number of workarounds for the otherwise brilliant ICSharp.TextEditor control in this release to improve the highlighting. The TextEditor control appears to be designed to highlight on a "word" basis for a line, whereas I want to highlight absolute positions as reported by NCover. Unfortunately it's word-based approximation sometimes resulted in misleading highlights on screen.

Fingers crossed this is the last of the tweaks on this issue... but as always if you have a problem feel free to report it.

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